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Goodie! Goodie!

The dogs, cat, goose and goat get pretty excited when the food bowls come out.

Your pets probably do to, a cat can hear the opening of a can from the deepest part of the house I’m convinced.

Goodie it’s time to eat!

And what does their body language say? Goodie! Goodie!

They wag, purr, squawk and bleat approval and it makes me happy to see them so happy eating the exact same foods daily. What a gift.

How can we use this idea for our pet business?

What kind of environment can you create that puts a little jig or wiggle in a human’s heart?

Ice cream shops have this down – people are happy going in because of the anticipation, the colors and choices – they are going to get something good. Goodie!

Many pet stores do this too – and yet many others don’t – they don’t have the “Goodie” factor and service providers miss this a lot.

Today ask yourself how you could shift some things in your environment to make your business more excitement worthy.

Here’s some suggestions:

Light it right – lighting is a huge factor in how things are perceived –

Speak it right – how you answer the phone, how you greet your customers, even the farewell you use – is it excitement worthy?

Show if right – from your body energy and movement to how you place things when a pet person comes to your place – what makes their eyes light up or draws them in? Art, color, fun, happy photos, or humorous sayings make the mood one that makes your customers also feel, goodie, goodie!

Check your own “Goodie” factor and see what you can do to add more excitement to your pet business today!

Now, off to feed the fur and feather crowd!

Author:  Shawna Schuh

Shawna Schuh is an extraordinary storyteller, who works with corporations and associations to develop environments that help people bring their best selves to the work they do.

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