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Pet Industry is designed to offer easy strategies for leaping over the barriers that impede your growth as a pet professional — from time-crunch issues to marketing overload to personal balance.

Count on some chuckles along the way, too. We’re working hard to make sure our videos are helpful AND fun.

We invite you to contact us with questions at any time. But before you do… check out the FAQs here. You may find the answers you needed.

Frequently Asked Questions about Pet Industry TV

What is Pet Industry TV?
We created to fill a gap by offering free videos and other success resources designed specifically for you: the busy Pet Professional. It’s the only video-centric site that provides free, quick and quirky shows to help busy pet professionals grow their business!

You can expect us to be your trusted, loyal and loving companions through your pet business journey. We understand your love of dogs, cats, horses and other animals … your desire to run a thriving business that serves a growing number of pet parents and other customers … and your need to make it all work with balance and sanity.

Tune in each week to see video nibbles packed with vital information and fun, created by experienced pet business professionals just for you.

Who is Pet Industry TV for specifically?
Anyone who works in the pet or veterinary industry will find value in our video tips and other resources… including pet retailers, pet service businesses, veterinary practices, pet groomers, dog walkers, pet bakeries; anyone running a pet-focused business.

Why did you do this site – isn’t it a lot of work producing pet business videos every week?
You’re fab to ask – and yes – it can be a bit daunting to write, shoot and edit a pet business tip or technique each week; however they are short – under 90 seconds — and they’re fun. Plus, we believe that video is how most pet professionals can learn well without taking too much time away from their pet business.

You give away your pet-business tips for free – how do you make money on the site?
Everyone likes free! Our philosophy for Pet Industry TV is when you give first – it’s the best way to grow business. All of the pet business experts work with clients on projects pertaining to their expertise – so we thought, why not join together and give great content in one easy place so everyone can benefit? When you help people it only makes you better – and we’re all about getting better!

Will it always be free content for pet businesses?
That’s the goal. Down the road, we may offer our subscribers other resources that can help their pet businesses in various ways – such as classes or coaching or even a pet industry business retreat or conference. The quick and quirky video shows for business growth are gifts. We hope you love them!

Are you open to using other pet-industry contributors?
Bring it on! We’d love to have other experts share their good pet business tips and techniques – as long as they can do it in less than 90 seconds. If you want to be a contributor with your own video shows – download the video guidelines here.

How do I suggest other topics to help my pet business?
Send them to us! We’re anxious to hear from all pet professionals about what they liked, what they want more of and ideas for future content. Pet Industry TV is for you — the working pet professional — so email us with your suggestions!

Note: you can email directly to the founder: Shawna Schuh – Or, check out our Channel Hosts.

Are you using trained animals in the shows?
As trained as any of your pets are! Stewart from the “Do Your Business Show” is simply a ham. We have a fantastic video guy, Rob Valdez, who seems to capture the pets in perfect places. By the way, you can hire him to do videotaping for your pet business – or have Shawna and Rob collaborate to make your on-line videos pop, too! Email Shawna for details:

Will you ever do longer shows on Pet Industry TV?
Yes we will. However, they won’t be the ones we send out to our subscribers. The longer form video shows will be something you sign up for as a series around one topic. As a Pet Industry TV subscriber, you’ll get notified when we have a special video series or event you might be interested in. [Link to subscription signup?]

Can I use your pet industry show on my site?
We’d love that! The whole goal behind Pet Industry TV is to help people — especially pet people and pet professionals — through short, 1-point web shows. So please share them, post them and become involved, because giving is the way to grow! Thanks for asking.

If your question isn’t answered here, Contact Us for assistance.

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