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Puppy dog eyes

Monday, Mar 19th, 2012

Can you look at your clients like this?

If you share your life with a dog you’ve been looked at adoringly.

You know what I mean – those puppy dog eyes that say, “I trust you. I love you.” or sometimes, “Please pet me or feed me or love me back.”

The gaze of our pets lifts us up. The gaze of our pets can energize us, melt our hearts or give us courage. All because they look at us without judgment, which is such a gift!

Today in your pet business – can you do the same for your clients?

Easy in concept – more difficult in practice – unless we set the intention to look at them with love, to serve, to listen, to wait, to be present and suspend judgment.

This is a tall order and yet dogs do it all day long – they take no offense and accept us regardless of appearance, actions or history. They are continually hopeful so we rise to meet their expectations.

There is much to do in our businesses – and each day brings more to do however when we begin to look at our clients with puppy dog eyes we will not only connect more deeply with those we serve, they will feel our love and their hearts will melt, they will be lifted up and they will return.

That’s a great way to Do Your Business!

Blessings, Shawna


Interrupted focus – pet business goes hungry

Thursday, Mar 8th, 2012

Interrupted focus hurts your pet business

The routine goes like this –

3 bowls – 2 large one small – down on the floor to scoop in the proper amount of dog food – 3 pairs of hungry eyes watching for any possibility of stray nibbles that miss the dish.

Lid back on and bowls up to the counter for some added vitamins and some water as well as a little wet food to make it tasty for my furry kids. I spend time stirring and humming while I am watched intently.

Feeding dogs is a wonderful time to know that another living thing is absolutely and completely focused totally on you. I take my time, relish it.

Dog one, Elly, the oldest gets her food first. In the hierarchy that is our den/home we keep the pecking order – Elly sits, hands me her paw for a shake and is given her bounty – she digs right in.

Like your pet business, you serve the client that came in first, or had the appointment. Dogs expect it and so do our clients – it’s confusing when we do things out of order.

Next is the small dog, Stewart and second oldest – the small but mighty little man. I walk around to the other side of the table in the kitchen so that the bigger dogs give him space. He has his own area and protects it.

He sits – hands me his paw and when I put the bowl down he looks at it, sniffs and slowly moves in to eat. The difference in dogs is like the difference in clients – each has their own pace and habits and it’s up to us to pay attention.

Yesterday right after I put Stewart’s food down things shifted. I glanced over and realized I had forgotten to clear out a corner of the kitchen. If you’re anything like me – you see something that needs to be done and do it then – or I risk that I will forget and it won’t get done.

“Thank heavens I saw that!” I thought to myself and got busy putting things in order.

It took me a bit of time until things were back in order and I felt satisfaction.

I straightened up and walked back over to the counter where I realized that there was one more bowl of dog food sitting there and Cody, our border collie, was pressed into his eating spot.

Waiting for me to remember – waiting for me to get back to him – waiting to get what he came for – Like some of our clients – on hold on the phone, waiting by the counter or in the lobby because we momentarily forgot them.

He forgave and forgot like dogs do. Our customers are not so quick to get over slights.

Today as you go about your business – can you keep completely focused not at the task at hand, but on the living, breathing people we call clients and customers?

It just might help keep you fed!

Remember, you create your pet business by the way you think and behave.
Make it magnificent!

Blessings, Shawna


Lists for your pet business

Tuesday, Mar 6th, 2012

Gretchen Meienburg who owns two Pampered Pets Bed & Biscuit facilities, as well as a consulting company for the pet industry, shared that a secret to her success is lists.

Gretchen is an amazing business woman, also someone who adores pets and making sure they are safe and cared for and she also loves working with pet professionals around their business challenges – just like the rest of us at !

Talking with her was exhilarating and the tip I want to share with you today is her focus and dedication in creating, using and sticking to the lists of procedures and tasks that make up all of her businesses.

This is something all of us can do and that maybe, since it seems simple, something many of us neglect to do well.

Gretchen has lists for opening procedures – so anyone, even someone new can do things properly and orderly and safely – after all, there are a lot of precious pooches on the premises so it’s imperative it’s done well every time. A list prevents omissions and errors.

There are others lists – and each business will have different needs of lists however without one or many check lists how can you know that things were completed or done in the right way or order?

How can you pass your procedures down to a growing staff? How can you do your best even on those tired days when your brain hasn’t quite kicked in?

By using a list.

My husband has a general response whenever I ask for something from the store or an errand to be run, he simply says, “Put it on the list.”

If it’s on the list he’ll do it. Then why don’t I start there? Why don’t you?

Today, take a look at the places in your business that need a series of steps – from financial input to intake or service of pets or clients – what can you simplify and improve by creating a list to post and refer to?

It works for Gretchen Meinenburg, it works at our house and businesses – how is it working for you?

Let me know your list making secrets and we’ll help each other Do Our Business Better!

You create your business by the way you think! Make it magnificent!

Blessings, Shawna
Host of: Do Your Business!


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